With bantelope island-4796-Editoth a father and uncle that were professional photographers, you could say that photography is in my blood.  Interestingly enough though, the urge to pick up the hobby did not strike me until my mid-20’s, when my wife Stacie convinced me to go on a trip with her to Italy.  In preperation for the trip, I picked up a  DSLR, gave my uncle Bruce a call for some quick tips, and was off and running.  I was immediately hooked, and have not looked back since.

I now live in Ogden, UT.  With 8 national parks within a 4 hour drive, snow-capped peaks surrounding our house, and many other beautiful settings within an hour or two, it’s a bit of a photographer’s paradise.  I love grabbing the camera and going for a hike or going on a trip with my beautiful family.